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Linkify React Component Interface

The <Linkify> component from linkify-react walks through its children and replaces strings containing URLs with strings and <a> elements.


Node.js module

Install from the command line with NPM

npm install linkifyjs linkify-react

Import into your JavaScript with require

const Linkify = require("linkify-react");

or with ES modules

import Linkify from "linkify-react";

Browser globals

Download linkify and extract the contents into your website’s assets directory. Include the following scripts in your HTML:

<script src="linkify.js"></script>
<script src="linkify-react.js"></script>


// Example render function body
const options = {
  /* … */
const content = "For help with GitHub.com, please email support@github.com";
return (
  <Linkify as="p" options={options}>

This renders the following HTML into the outer element

'<p>For help with <a href="http://github.com" target="_blank">GitHub.com</a>, please email <a href="mailto:support@github.com">support@github.com</a></p>';


  • string | React.JSXElementConstructor [as] The HTML tag or component class to use for the outermost element. Defaults to React.Fragment (React 16+) or 'span'
  • Object [options] Options object

Some link types such as @-mentions and hashtags require special components (e.g., <Link> from react-router) to navigate correctly. Use the render option to override how link elements are generated.

import { Link } from 'react-router-dom';

// ...

const renderLink = ({ attributes, content }) => {
  const { href, ...props } = attributes;
  return <Link to={href} {...props}>{content}</Link>;

return (
  <Linkify options={{ render: renderLink }}>
    Hello @everyone, welcome to linkify.js.org

This will override the rendering for all link types. To leave URLs and other link types, specify an object where keys are the link types that should be affected. All other link types will be rendered as regular <a> components.

const options = {
  render: {
    hashtag: renderLink,
    mention: renderLink,

return (
  <Linkify options={options}>
    Hello @everyone, #welcome to linkify.js.org


Add event handlers to the discovered links by specifying them in the options.attributes object. Define event listeners in the same way as for a regular React element:

const linkProps = {
  onClick: (event) => {
    if (!confirm('Are you sure you want to leave this page?')) {

return (
  <Linkify options={{ attributes: linkProps }}>