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v4.1.3 · view release notes · browse code on GitHub

Linkify is a JavaScript plugin. Use Linkify to find links in plain-text and convert them to HTML <a> tags. It automatically highlights URLs, #hashtags, @mentions and more.


Enter some links into the "Before" box below. The result will appear in the "After" box in real-time.



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  • Detect URLs and email addresses
  • #hashtag, @mention, IP address plugins
  • React and jQuery support
  • Multi-language and emoji support
  • Custom link plugins
  • Fast, accurate and small footprint (~11kB gzipped)
  • 95%+ test coverage
  • Compatible with all modern browsers

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What is Hypercontext?

Linkify is maintained by @nfrasser and @Hypercontext. Hypercontext helps managers have better 1:1s and team meetings.
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