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Linkify jQuery Interface

linkify-jquery is an provides the Linkify jQuery plugin. This functionality is also available in vanilla JavaScript via linkify-element.


Node.js module

Install from the command line with NPM

npm install linkifyjs linkify-jquery

Import into your JavaScript with require

const $ = require("jquery");

or with ES modules

import $ from "jquery";
import "linkify-jquery";

If a window.document global is not available in your environment, provide it manually instead as follows.

With require:

require("linkify-jquery")($, document);

or with ES modules:

import linkifyJq from "linkify-jquery";
linkifyJq($, document);

Browser globals

Download linkify and extract the contents into your website’s assets directory. Include the following scripts in your HTML:

<script src="jquery.js"></script>
<script src="linkify.js"></script>
<script src="linkify-jquery.js"></script>


const options = {
  /* … */


See all available options.


The jQuery plugin also provides a DOM data/HTML API - no extra JavaScript required after import!

<!-- Find and linkify all entities in this div -->
<div data-linkify="this"></div>

<!-- Find and linkify the paragraphs and `#footer` element in the body -->
<body data-linkify="p, #footer" data-linkify-target="_parent"></body>

Additional data options are available.